My approach to  health is somatic, holistic and primarily psychological.

I am licensed as a chiropractor in the state of Oregon and have been in practice since 1998.  I also have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis in Somatic Psychology.

I have been in advanced training with Dr Patricia Frisch PhD since 2009 and Dr Daniel Schiff PhD since 2010, studying Orgonomy, the work of Wilhelm Reich.

I have also studied with Ed and Patricia Kane PhD of Body Bio since 1996 and practice nutrition and metabolic interventions based on our understanding of the cell membrane.  This intervention is helpful when working with chronic pain and illness as part of an overall holistic approach, which includes counseling, to getting well.  This intervention is tailored for each patient based on current blood work, diet history and a medical history.  In some cases I will request basic blood work or a more complex profile, a Red Blood Cell Fatty Acid analysis which is sent to and processed at Kennedy Krieger Lab.  This gives me a great deal of information about the cell membrane that can be essential in some cases to bring about recovery.