Orgonomic Therapy/Somatic Psychology

Orgonomic Therapy, a holistic somatic approach to therapy, is the work of Wilhelm Reich, which recognizes the unified nature of the human experience.  In other words, Orgonomic Therapy as Reich presented it, recognizes that there is no separation between our body and our mind, that they are one and the same.  This means that how we are, how we feel and how we express ourselves can be witnessed throughout our organism.  Our attitudes in life, the ways we have learned to cope with difficult feeling, are often felt in the body as tension, tightness or even pain.

This is a whole person approach that recognizes that any and all symptoms are a reflection of a deeper process of how we have learned to adapt to our environment. Sometimes our adaptation is the result of conflicts, both internal and external resulting in stress.  When stress becomes chronic it causes us to contract and we breath shallowly and tighten our muscles in order to cope with feelings that we are unable to express.  These learned ways of coping most often become habitual and are embedded within our body as pain or tension and are mirrored in underlying attitudes and beliefs.